A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

I Like Walking Very Much is a textless 2D walking-simulator. Play as a strange spider who loves walking very much.

The game will be end in 30 minutes more or less, very easy control, There are no hidden items or achievements. It's very tiny game.

This game inspired by some my experiences in social life. Hate incites a desire for recognition, and it starts to make another hate.

Arts, codes sounds and tracks by camel504

Beautiful "Amatic Bold" font by Vernon Adams

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(50 total ratings)
Tags2D, spider, textless, Walking simulator


ILWVM_Win.zip 72 MB
ILWVM_Mac.zip 74 MB


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Superb! Amazing artwork in all senses. It's as dark as beautiful experience. Want more!

This is amazing it is perfect but why do I have a feeling that is telling a whole story about growing up or something. Who knows maybe MatPat will make a theory about it.

What a beautiful peaceful game. I do wish you would make a updated version that has 4k settings and new ray tracing. Its is gorgeous! Thanks for making it

i found this game to be honestly really interesting! the fact that each new try the spider has become a little different and has adapted just a bit better! i hated each time the little spider got squashed though :( i felt bad that i couldn't stop it from happening lol overall amazing 2D graphics and cute little story line!

Them feets were made for steppin. (And that's just what they'll do)

Gorgeous game! I loved the graphics and the storyline, I found it special.  I was quite happy to see that I kept evolving and hoped that meant I'd eventually survive. The ending was funny and the experience was worth completing. It was so peaceful too, very mellow game except for our unlucky friend. Thanks for creating!

i loved your game  

i found it researching 2D walking sims and i want to play it.

please make more like this. 


I'm sorry for those who play it :(


Very beatiful game - I love how it looks when you stop your walk for a little while as well. :D

We just discussed your game on our podcast! Come check us out!

Episode 11: Walking Sims



This is beautiful but that poor spider...I'm devastated


A very beautiful game. Love the design, the atmosphere and the story.

I like walking very much <3

I admit the graphics in this game were some of the best I have seen.

This is no game! It is a piece of art. Here is my very bad play through of your magnificent art piece!

Interesting game. Strange but still fun to play... :) 

I can't tell you how much i loved this game, even tho i had a jumpscare so big it almost made my heart stop lol.

I didn't cpmpletely get the ending but i'v read through comments and i cam to a conclusion it's probably best to make your ow opinion on the ending.

Great game

A beautiful game. I really enjoyed it.

I write more about it in my blog: http://pajamagaming.blogspot.com/2017/03/free-itchio-games-6.html

I loved it! The ending was a a great allegory of what freaking out feels like. Thanks for sharing!

This game is amazing

just finished playing. i'm usually pretty clueless about these types of games but this one was pretty cool and the message didn't get lost in being all artsy, something i really love.

i first thought that it would be about maternity and motherhood (with the little glowies) but when i got to the end of the 2nd 'spider', i got thinking and decided that it was probably about trust issues.

(spoilers ahead?)

like, you start out as a really pretty spider with your glowies on show, and you make friends with a human and some birds, but one human freaks out and steps on you.

so you come back as a less pretty spider with only one or two glowies, the birds don't acknowledge you and your human friend from before doesn't want anything to do with you. the other human then freaks and steps on you, again.

then the last spider is an ugly hunk of junk with no glowies and sharp edges. floating glowies run away from you, birds shoo you away and you start lashing out.

maybe i'm just thinking it into it way too much but i can't help but take this as a sort of metaphor for trust issues and building up 'walls' that ultimately just screw you over and make people hate you.

I played this yesterday and loved every minute of it! I thought it was super weird at first but the further I went the more the game started to make sense. I'd love to see more from you in this art style one day. Keep up the good work!

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Found this game and thought it looked gorgeous, and it sure as hell is!

It's very strange and kinda repetitive but the environment changes through out the game and it's nice to see the same area looking so much different.

Loved it super much! Love how the game makes you feel small! :)

Here's my Playthrough of it:

Stay Rad Everybody!!
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Gorgeous! It's a very pretty game, animation of the spider is amazing and the sound/music design is just perfect. I really enjoyed this. Thanks for taking the time to make this game and sharing it for free.

You might want to say somewhere that it's not over until one sees the credits, as I nearly quit the game about 30% in, thinking it was over.

I'm not entirely sure I get the message, but that's alright, it's probably better with a bit of mystery :-)

In short: I like "I Like Walking Very Much" very much.